USB Device Server

Having a computer running on the remote installation can be sometimes an issue, in my experience the computer is always the weak link of the chain. I’ve successfully tested a USB device server, that is a device which “extends” the USB link over the network. There are different devices on the market which can do this, also some software solutions (VirtualHere is one of those), but many have problems with audio streaming USB devices (like the Icom’s and some SDRs).
In the past I’ve successfully tested the myUTN-2500 device server with a 7300, I tested it yesterday with the 9700 and WFview. They worked like a charm.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with SEH technology in any way, this is just about giving an heads-up in the case someone wants to try a different approach to remoting the radio.

73, Max

Hi Max,

For the 9700, of course the LAN is superior since you get high-speed spectrum and control.

I’ve been running my 7300 remotely using a linux PC without any issues for months. So I think it can be ok, there are so many applications these days that require a computer to run (for example, this website), so I do not think it is too far out to run a computer for a radio. We’re also testing the Raspberry Pi as a server, and it’s working very well (plus the power footprint is so small!).

@roeland has used the 7300 over remote USB, I believe his product requires a computer at the radio end though, so not that different from running wfview as a server. I could be wrong though :). Good to know about the myUTN-2500. I see that it is a stand-alone device that appears to support all major platforms. It’s great to have options!

de W6EL

I am using virtualusb to forward all the port(s) of all the rigs for testing and works too if you
don’t want to mess with the server setup.

The server side is available for the major platforms:

Linux USB Server
Windows USB Server
OSX USB Server
NAS USB Server
Android USB Server

and the clients the same.

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sorry answered the wrong message

I’ve been experimenting with local augmented control ( 15 LED Compact Smart CI V Controller - YouTube ) and also encapsulating CI-V messages inside UDP packets for remote control over my LAN ( a bi-directional CI-V / LAN Bridge ) Audio has always been something I’ve haven’t tackled. Soon I hope to amalgamate the LAN functions into my controller device. Ultimate goal is perhaps remote conttol without a PC. maybe even control of one radio by another.

Got my attention, do you have a link to the software your running. I just googled it and there are a LOT of software packages claiming to do it.


I’m using

for some testing stuff etc.

Thanks Roeland, I’ll purchase it later, got a need for an extended USB connection.

for most devices this works perfect. The adalm pluto for instance does not work but to extend for instance
a 7300 or any other icom that supports an USB conn – works fine. Both audio as well as serial.

I purchased it to support and to get rid of the limitations.

My CI-V / Ethernet Bridge demo designed around a couple of Arduino Mega2560 microcontrollers each with an Ethernet shield. CI V Ethernet Bridge Demo HD 720p - YouTube


it’s nice indeed; the s/w itse;f as posted above can do different things too besides CI-V / audio. So it depends on the use.

Keep the good work up! Maybe at some point we can look at your bridge solution as a second way to
control remotely with wfview.