Using WFView in the field, IC-705 is the IP server

Great videos on how to set up if I am at home, and I have a DHCP server that issues the IP address.

But how does it work if I am out in the field, and the radio is the network server? What do I enter for an IP address in the setup box for WFView?

Hi Mark.

On the Access Point screen of the radio, one of the settings is the radio IP address.




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Phil, if the 705 is the Access Point, what is its IP address if not assigned by a DHCP server on my network?

Actually, I just found what I was looking for in an older post…

Field operation (aka Access point mode) - wfview

that link hopefully is sufficient; If not I can revise that post to add additional details (but will need to change my setup as I’m not using the 705 as an AP)

You will likely need a Static IP or a DNS service such as No-IP to translate the provider DHCP to your network. You will also need to configure port forwarding in your router to access the IC-705. It may be helpful to have something such as Raspberry Pi running the No-IP service so that you know what your public IP is and updates regularly. It may also be useful to have remote access to that server so you may query other devices on the network or remotely administer your router.


your statement I think applies when you have the 705 joining your network.

Mark tries to connect directy to the rig over wifi without an additional router.