WFVIEW 1.1a testversion released


we call it an alpha. It does run for days so maybe we’re just too shy here but…

The following highlights are in this dot-release:

 added IC7700, 718, 7100. (more testing needed)
 fixes and improvements to audio
 ability to choose between rtaudio and qtmultimedia (default) as compile time option
 fixes and lots of improvements at the usb-server end
 waterfall length can be adjusted now
 no need to restart to change CIV address
 seamless changing rigs without restart
 started support for older rigs like the 718
 wf display disappears when there is no wf capable rig
 IC R8600 support improved
 for older rigs added a polling timing box to keep stuff keeping smooth 
 Local af gain now has anti-log audio pot taper.

and a lot of other changes, fixes, minors etc.

Please test!

Windows users:

You need to uninstall the current version of wfview before you can install this version

This release will try to install the vcdist runtime from Microsoft. It could error out with error 3010 – just ignore. If it fails to start, then just reboot!

HI Roeland and All
I just installed the test version 1.1a
Great Software! ,
My receiver is a Icom-8600

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It seems much more stable on the 7100. The band switching for 2M and 70cm does not work. I will test more later today

73 de Charlie KB8CR

Windows installation. Removed v1.00, installed v1.1a no problem. Ran it and it found my 7300 no problem. I concentrate on using GUI - remote will come later for me. I will be happy when I don’t have to touch my 7300, but in normal use I need NB, Notch, sometimes NR, and switch bands on the 7300 because wfview’s Band Stacking Registers still don’t handle frequency changes (previously reported).

I tune by double-clicking on the waterfall and using the mouse wheel to fine tune, if needed. In this release, I find the mouse wheel is very ‘touchy’. Sometimes it seems to miss wheel motion and other times it seems to delay to the point that the frequency keeps changing for maybe a second or two after I take my finger off the wheel. I will try to explore the other changes that pertain to my current usage, but I may have to go back to v1.00 for regular use so that tuning is predictable.

Hi Dave.

Yes we are aware of that issue. It is to do with the new queueing method that we use to send commands to the rig. There is now a slight delay in updating the user interface but the tuning does actually happen immediately and if you watch the rig screen, you will see that the second or so delay is wfview getting back ‘in-sync’ with the rig. This is something that we will address though.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Charlie,

I don’t have an IC-7100, but I reviewed the code and it seems to match what is in the CI-V portion of the manual. Can you send me a log file where you press some band buttons? The band buttons are somewhat complicated, because we ask the radio for a frequency at the specified band, so maybe we are not reading that out correctly.

Here is how to get a log file.


de W6EL

Ok, good. Thanks Phil. Very good work the team is doing. I fully support it!


WFVIEW V1.1a crashes on startup (Segmentation fault).
My system is a DEBIAN 11.
Last message in wfview.log: “INF system: Cannot prepare WF view without rigCaps. Waiting on this.”

vy 73

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Hi Uli,

Since you are on Debian Linux, can you try a fresh build using this build script?

Here is a link to the script. Once downloaded, drop to a terminal:

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x

Let me know what you see.


de W6EL

Is this a Linux only release? This talk of ‘compile time options’ has me thinking it’s not for Windows users.

And if it is for Windows then I don’t know what to make of rtaudio and qtmultimedia. Never heard of either of them and wouldn’t know what to choose



Hi Ken,

This release is for everyone, and it is provided on our download page for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Make sure to look where it says “Test (Alpha) releases”

The announcement does shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes. Phil was able to integrate several different audio back-ends, and when the code is being built into an application, the best back-end for each platform can be selected.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

de W6EL

Thanks Elliott,

I’ll check it out. I stepped back from things for a few weeks and hope to get back into it again soon.



Works great here via my 7300 feeding a RazPi 3B+. Question: is it possible to turn Peaks off?

Thanks and 73.

Jonathan, KK7PW

Hi Jonathan,

In Settings tab, uncheck ‘Draw Peaks’

73 Phil

Thanks. Sorry to miss this. 73.

Hi Elliot,

a fresh build of wfview is working on Debian 11. The resulting binary is much smaller (why?).

The build script tries to install qt5-default. This package is not available in Debian 11 (and is no longer needed).

vy 73

Seems to work fine on my MacBook Pro M1 and IC-7610.

73, John N1JM

Hi Uli,

I’m glad it’s working! I think the qt5-default package was simply to make sure qt4 wasn’t default. If I were to omit the qt5-default package for Debian 11, do you think the script would work ok as-is? Also, re-run the script any time you want the latest code.

Thanks very much,

de W6EL

Glad to hear it, John. Let us know how it goes!

de W6EL

I have a few minor issues. In 1.1 I can’t make the window small enough to fit in my desktop display, this wasn’t an issue with 1.0. It will only shrink to a certain point then stop. It need to be about 10 % smaller to fit on my very busy desktop. Also a minor issue I have with all releases is the confirm close popup when I shut down the program, anyway to disable that? Thanks for all your work…
73 Jeff kb2m