Wfview 1.50 released

Hi all.

We are pleased to announce the release of wfview 1.5. This release contains many new features and fixes compared to the last full release (1.1).

They are summarised below:

• The spectrum plot now supports an expiring peak-hold mode and a buffered average mode.
• “Top” and “Bot” sliders let the user scale the spectrum data around signals of interest.
• Custom colors for the plots and meter can be defined by the user in the program using a color picker, which includes transparency support and plot “fill” support.
• New Settings tab design with categories
• New “Log” button brings up the program log in-situ. “Send to” button will send the log file to and give you a URL which you can share.
• New “Radio Status” button shows what you are connected to
• New support for High-DPI screens; interface elements should scale much more gracefully now

• Three cross-platform audio backends (Qt Audio, Port Audio, and RT Audio), allowing you to select the best audio for your system.
• Built-in audio stream format converter handles sample rate, channel count, and codec differences seamlessly.
• Three new audio meter choices (TxAudio, RxAudio, and TxRxAudio) let you see the audio levels in real-time, greatly easing the task of setting up good levels on a computer and verifying loopback audio.

• Greatly enhanced LAN support for radios with built-in ethernet as well when using wfview as a server.
• Wfview can now “mangle” and “de-mangle” the spectrum data for the pseudo-serial port, allowing programs written for different spectrum formats to display the spectrum. For example, N1MM+ logger can show the spectrum of the IC-7610, even if using the ethernet connection.
• Improved support for Hamlib rigctld emulation; supports popular “multicommands” needed for CQRLOG.
• Older radios lacking a PTT command can be used by connecting the RTS signal to the PTT, which is done with many popular computer adapters.

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Thanks for All the work, and making a truly
fine program available.

Should I just download the new version into a new Folder, and go from there ?

Or, extract into present Folder, and assume everything is updated automatically ?


Best regards,

Hi Bob

On windows, just download the .zip file where you like and extract it, then run the installer. It will overwrite your existing wfview.

For Mac, just copy the wfview app into your applications folder.

73 Phil

Tnx.I have no sound on the client. This is my setup:
1.station ic-7300
2.server MacOs Monterey v.12.5 M1 processor 4gb
3.client same but 16gb
4. on server Audio system Qt Audio. (usb audio codex)
serialdevice: /dev/cu.usbserial-14610
5.On client: Qt audio. extern headset

No sound on client

73 pål

Please create a new thread and attach both the server and client logs.



All set now.


Best regards, and thanks again,

Hi Phil,

As I just wrote, the new version works fine on W10 pc.

Thought it might be interesting to see how it looks on my Mac desktop.
So, have it installed, and it does appear.
Put in all the settings that might, or might not, be correct; copied them from the W10 setup.

So, may I please ask as this is my first attempt at using on a Mac:

a. Do I have to “shut off” the W10 program, which is now running ?

b. Or, can both be running in Parallel ?

c. Are (all) the settings in the W10 version transferrable to the Mac, or are there
different ones, somewhere, to use ?

d. Not sure if the Password I put into the Mac is correct.
Will blame it on old age now, a great excuse for most anything, but assuming
I was not smart enough to copy it down anywhere, where on the pc might I find it
it an un-encrypted form so I can enter it on the Mac ?

Or, how to reset it for either or both ?  

How would I know if I entered the correct one, and my not being able to run on the Mac is due to     
something else ?

This might be a problem for me on the Mac, as I am not sure I have the right one entered ? 
Any suggestions or thoughts on how to handle this (possible ?) Password "problem" would be   

Anything else I should be asking to run it on the Mac ? Or to check as a most likely incorrect setting ?


Hi Bob.

I assume you are still connecting to your IC-R8600? Only one client can be connected to an Icom rig over the network at any one time, so you would need to close wfview on your PC to use it on your mac.

All of the important settings should be the same.

Sorry I can’t help you with the password, it isn’t stored anywhere in its un-encrypted form. If you genuinely don’t know it, then you would need to change it in your radio and on both of your computers.

73 Phil M0VSE

Installed 1.5 and noticed the old screen oversize problem has returned. I went back to 1.2e and screen size can be again made just small enough to fit in my allocated workspace.

73 Jeff kb2m

Hi again,

Have it going on the Mac.

Yes, I have an Icom R8600.
Quite a “toy”.

Again, thanks for All the help.
Very much appreciated.

Terrific program.
Very well done.

Please keep on the wish list
Scan and/or Memory operations.

Best regards,

Hi Jeff,

Can you send us a screenshot? We spent a lot of time trying to make the UI as compact as we could without letting it squish too badly.


de W6EL

Hi Elliot attached are two screenshots. One is 1.2e the other is 1.5. Both wfview windows are minimized as much as possible. Also both windows are started in ‘Use Systems Theme’, which as you know is a bit smaller. This clearly shows my problem as the 1.5 version is just a bit wider and flows onto the second monitor. As you can see I don’t have much extra screen real estate :slight_smile:

73 Jeff kb2m

Im running Windows 11. Downloaded and tried to install wfview but I get an error message: Cannot start C:Radio\WFview\vc_redist.x86.exe/passive/norestart: Process failed to start. The system cannot find the file specified.
Am I missing something on my PC or doesn’t it like not being installed in the windows program folders?
Andrew G8GNI

That’s fine, just ignore it.

If wfview fails to start due to missing .DLL files, browse to the wfview installation directory and manually run vcredist_x86


How far is multi scope support? Especially for IC7610.

Hi Stanislav,

That will come once we implement Radio Abstraction. We need to simplify the code before we add this kind of feature. Likely version 1.6 or 1.7 will have it.

de W6EL

Hello Phil,
Could You provide binary for branch “shuttle” with v.1.5 to test it ?



Y’all gotta give Phil a chance to finish writing the shuttle code first! …unless you want to manually route the buttons in the code :slight_smile:. Not to mention the audio work he’s doing right now.

Shuttle is really going to be great, it’ll be worth the wait!

de W6EL

@eliggett Elliott just to try it out maybe doing some tests. I was always using “alpha” builds for windows binnary. At this moment I’ve not havin Visual Studio properly conf.

I saw that you merged 1.47 in this orig.

I have built wfview v1.5 on raspberry pi 4. When I run wfview, it doesn’t appear to connect to the radio (7610) which it did in my last version, 1.2. The network fields in Radio Access Settings were pre-filled to be the same as before. The log has been uploaded to termbin and the URL is

I also note that some of the field titles on the setting page are partially obscured by the data in the fields, i.e. “Network Connected Radios” is obscured by the Control port 52001. Also on the View tab, “Spectrum” is obscured by the black spectrum. The titles of the sliders seem to be too low and are partially cut off at the bottom.