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Searched the forum and couldn’t find a topic on this. I’m running wfview 1.5 along with MacloggerDX on M1 iMac (Ventura/OS) along with Icom 7300 using Hamlib NET [rigctld] client.connected to wfview. All is working fine except for when I startup MacloogerDX it changes the “Receive filter” from 1 to 2 and unchecks “Data” in wfview. The radio’s bandwidth is set to 3.6k so I manually have to go back to wfview and change the “Receive filter” back to 1 and click on “Data” checkbox, then it syncs up with MLDX. Now even though my BW filter on Icom 7300 is set to 3.6k MacloggerDX is only displaying 3.0k from wfview. If I direct connect the Icom 7300 to MLDX bypassing wfview the filter is showing 3.6k using FIL#1 in MLDX. Am I missing something from the setup in wfview or is it a rigctld bug? BTW this was also happening in 1.2e of wfview. Thanks!

Hi Spiro.

wfview will ONLY ever change anything if it receives a command asking for it to be changed. This is one of the design goals of wfview and we are quite strict about it!

I suspect that MacLoggerDX is requesting a specific filter width that we don’t support. wfview can only currently use the pre-defined widths (1, 2 or 3) and has no real knowledge of what those width’s are for each mode. The ability to change the filter widths is something that we are planning to add (potentially by dragging the new passband indicator) but it can’t currently do this.

I will check the rigctld code within wfview as it is possible that it is getting confused by the width command coming from MacLoggerDX?

73 Phil M0VSE

MacLoggerDX does not send explicit filter width commands to rigctld.

MacLoggerDX’s native Icom drivers remember the reported filter widths by mode and will optionally combine them in Icom’s unique mode+filter width command (06) if that option is selected.

• Operating mode
Command: 01, 04, 06

Filter setting (w) can be skipped with command 01 and 06. In that case, “FIL1” is selected with command 01 and the default filter setting of the operating mode is automatically selected with command 06.
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Thanks Don, glad you are still here!

I will check the rigctld server code as it is entirely possible that it is getting confused.

73 Phil

Thanks so much Phil and Don for chiming in. It’s no biggie to me, but thought I would bring it to your attention.

Newbie here. I have been trying to just get WFview up on my Mac Mini let alone have it compatible with MLDX. It seems that I have the CVI all screwed up and lost MLDX. I eventually got MLDX back up with a little experimentation. I saw a video on YT where the user used the 7300 overIP and was able to remotely trigger the 7300. I would like to do that too but also use MLDX at the same time. So my question is: can you use MFview on the 7300 using IP and continue to use the 7300 on USB? And how do I set up the 7300 and still run MLDX over USB? Thanks ahead.

I think our paths crossed via email today. Here was my reply, just for reference:

Hi Michael,

Remote Access:
The way to run remotely is to run wfview on a computer at the radio, and then to run a second wfview on your remote computer. There is some setup involved but it works very good. Here is a link from our user manual:

Sharing Control and data:
You can definitely run MacLogger at the same time as wfview. It doesn’t matter if you’re connecting over USB or over LAN. The method is the same. Here is a link where it is discussed:

The method for sharing is to use the Virtual Serial Port, which we have detailed in our manual here:

Definitely check our online discussion forum, we have a lot of discussion about these topics:

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well,


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