X6100 Wfview firmware - TCP?

Got the new firmware with Wfview running and functioning. Is there a way to set RigCtld ON and set a TCP port number that can be used f.e. in N1MM?



Hi Elliott.

I should have been clearer :-). That is what I use when I run Wfview on a computer connected to the X6100 but now with the new firmware I run Wfview in the X6100 and there is no option in the Wfview menu in the X6100 to set the TCP port and activate RigCtld.

Wfview is NOT running on the X6100, only wfserver, this doesn’t contain rigctld. The only way is to connect to the embedded wfserver from your wfview client, you can then use tcp/rigctld.

Aha got it. Might have been nice to have that control embedded as then it really can run stand-alone somewhere else as front-end.

I don’t stop you to install hamlib on the x6100. No reason to believe it won’t work with some work.

A bit out of my comfort zone but maybe for a long winter evening :slight_smile: